As many of you might have noticed, I am not so good at sharing my personal moments in life. I couldn’t share anything on social media during my wedding because no photo could describe how I was feeling on that special day. Same for the baby, it took 6 months to tell you that we are expecting our first child. This time my baby shower, another beautiful day that I still can’t believe when I call it “my” day and here I am, trying to organise photos and make up my mind to put those right words together. You might have seen on Instagram, it was more than a month ago and all I can say is WOW!

I have to admit, I’ve never been a baby shower type of girl who always dream about pink balloons or baby face cookies. But when we decided to spend our last 3 months in Los Angeles, baby shower was a good idea to see all of my girl friends and welcome our little baby girl since none of them will be with us when she opens her little eyes for the first time. I’ve decided to host a baby shower or lunch or whatever you call it but was so busy with the last minute arrangements before leaving town and my work and my husband’s health problems so two of my best friends, Nil and Amber, were amazing and generous enough to take all the responsibility and organise my baby shower! From balloons to the cake, decoration details and flower arrangements, everything was well-thought out and exactly how I dreamt of. Nothing too pink, nothing too girly, nothing boring! I am so thankful to these two amazing women and everyone who helped them make the day so incredible and special!

Without you, this would never happen! did an amazing job with their super delicious , super pretty and super healthy cake – some of us needs to eat clean right?

My Mitza did all the flower decor! I’m not talking about flower arrangements only, my flower crown was also very beautiful which I will hang on our nursery wall in future!

Ko.ka Photography stayed with us all day long and took these amazing photos for us!

Fairmont Quasar Hotel Istanbul was our host on that day and they welcomed us and our guests so warmly. The catering, their super professional service, our terrace suit was everything  we could ask for.

I felt so loved and supported and there are many people who already love this baby so much and it’s so-beautifully-overwhelming!

Thank you!

Dress : Elizabeth & James

Earrings : Vanina

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