Is pregnancy glow a lie?

Today, I want to talk about my pregnancy skincare routine, although there was no pregnancy glow for me in the beginning and my face is covered in spots for the first 5 to 6 months no matter what I did or which product I tried. But, the products I’ve been using for the last 3 months are great to remember to keep things simple when it comes to irritated skin and it’s time to share my oh-not-so-glory beauty regime from the beginning. First months, I blamed my oily skin turning me something super slippery and shiny instead of making me gorgeously glowing. And then my face is covered in acne and some red scars after that for another month which made me missing my first slippery months. Acne scars in oily skin were impossible to hide, or cover with make-up. And I was supposed to be happy with my new body when it was impossible to love myself in the mirror like creating a human life inside me was not challenging enough. Anyways, not the best way to learn, but here is what I ended up with, during pregnancy, every woman’s skin and body reacts differently. You may get that pregnancy glow or you may develop more oily skin and look like a teenager with a bump.

Obviously, I was feeling ugly and helpless and I called a friend, whom gave birth couple of months ago at that time and asked her advice. Next day, I scheduled a pregnancy safe facial – which I was avoiding for the first 6 months because I thought it can irritate my skin and left more scars like I needed. To be honest, it was the best thing I’ve done for myself during my pregnancy and I left the spa feeling like a princess. I wish I had it before or never stop having my monthly facials in the first place. And,on the recommendation of the esthetician, I decided to change my beauty regime and get rid of all the products I’ve been using. She was kind of shocked when she heard I was putting 7 different products on my face before I go to bed.

She convinced me to use less products and keep my beauty regime simple. Using so many products to fix my problem was doing more harm than good. My skin was tired of absorbing so many ingredients and they sit on top and clogs my pores instead of traveling into the deep cellular tissue.

As you can guess, only thing I needed for my irritated skin to calm down was a perfect combination of a light moisturizer and serum. After almost 3 weeks with my new beauty routine, my skin was much more radiant and less irritated.

This hydragenist series of Lierac designed for normal/combination to oily skin. If you are just not ready to take the leap to anti-aging but are looking for a moisturizing skincare that goes even further, it’s perfect for you as well. Your skin’s freshness will be completely restored.


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