Capri BlueIt was fun when I realised I wore all Italian designers even the same brand at that very moment in Capri. In this picture, by chance, I have all Prada on me. Prada sunglasses, two-piece beachwear and the bag. Not visible in this picture but also my sandals are from another beautiful Italian brand: Costume National. So it’s obvious that I’m a good fan of Italian design, food and lifestyle. (And who isn’t really?)

Da Luigi is one of two famous beaches in Capri. I will mention about the other one on my next posts. As you can see, it’s all natural. There is nothing human made in sunbathing area. Laying down on the rocks is different but a very special feeling! Also the Mediterranean sea is amazing! Cool and fresh like in Turkey

You can walk to the beach or go down to seaside and take a boot. In my opinion, you should walk down to sea with an amazing view. But you have to show some effort to walk back to the center.. Don’t drink too much wine!




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