Wear your Orange!

Sister Jane AW15 skirt // Lodi booties  // Zara shirt // Tommy Hilfiger denim jacket  // Silk & Cashmere scarf  // Roman bag

Without doubt, the outstanding pieces of this season are suede pieces. The quiet introduction of this successfuly trending material in previous Spring-Summer collections is now too famous to ignore, I assume. After all, it was not hard at all to include suede pieces to our daily routines, and we all wear without hesitation since our childhood. (Thank’s mom!I love you!) The best part of all, now there are colored versions of suede which used to solely come in hues of brown. I saw some astonishing colored pieces this season, such as turquoise trench coats, a shady white pair of pants -yes, please please just imagine it- and yellow purses all in suede leather.
I know I keep talking about it as leather, but some of them are just imitations of the material. (Dresses, pants, bags (lots of them)- and even some boots!) That’s why there are a lot of versions, accessible for everyone, everywhere.
(The spectacular layered fringed Burberry trench coat? No, not for everyone.)
Long story short, my story with suede (-ish) started with a nice cut skirt, which was not a boring brown as you’ve just assumed. It’s orange; warm. Just like summer. Or more end of season, like fall. Besides, I think the best part of these pieces that they go really well with denim.
Please see, my jacket!
The scarf? Don’t ask about it. It’s a gift from my mom as a result of her assumption that I can use scarves like her. Like I’m French. – She’s not French,btw.
I tried Mom.
I will get better at it, promise!

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