In Total Black

Network AW15 dress  // Beymen Collection AW15 Shoes  // Pinko AW15 clutch 

In the past weeks, we witnessed a hectic preparation period for Pantene Altın Kelebek ceremony and did our best to share it with you through social media. No matter how carefree we were precedently, I believe preparing for the red carpet is always exhilarating – how many times in a year we hit the red carpet, right? That’s wht, it is not a task that can be left to the last minute. Normally, when I come across a dress I fancy, I don’t care about the rest of the details. For hair and make-up, I go with the style that I feel the best with. I contrive accessory choices according to my emotional state prior to leaving the house and generally I’m satisfied with the conclusion-whether it be good or bad:)  Oh, aren’t there times when I am not? Of course there are. Still if I have to say it explicitly, I don’t care about it that much. Actually I prefer to have the same requiescence with me on momentous nights like the red carpet ones. This, no matter what I encounter, prevents my nerves from getting wrecked. 🙂

As we shared the preparation ceremony, which we began early, with you on Instagram on that day, you might know Önder Tiryaki and  Pantene crew did my hair. My lovely Neslihan Tiran did my make-up, and the result, was looking exactly like ME – Attention please, This is a crucial subject. After couple of hours in the make-up room, if you just look like your beautiful self, I think the outcome is -VERY- successful!

I modified my Network dress a little bit from its original and I noticed that my dress’s nettings don’t allow much room for accessory usage. Was I saddened? Of course not. It benefited me greatly. With the motto “What is simple, is elegant”, I won’t overdo it anyway. And this time, it went like that and I didn’t use any accessories.

If a dress looks sufficiently elegant –but never insipid- as it is, despite not using any accessories, I think it is complete. All that remains is to take a few photos before completely wrapping the red carpet around oneself.

Also my deepest gratitudes to my dear Gaye Yön for the pictures:)

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