Do you remember that girl, who is nothing but brown tan silhouette with hair and teeth that glow in neon white; and her tan which has a tan?

There were many days that I stayed out in the sun for hours ( and hours ) without wearing sunscreens ( who needs them, right? ) and then proudly showed off my dark skin like the greatest achievement of my life! Man, what was I thinking in my early 20’s? I mean, all you see with a girl who spent couple of weeks on the sunbed is tan, not her pretty features.Okay, I confess, at age 20, I probably would have given something “big” to look like that but now, I try to stay out of midday sun and build a healthy golden tan at a slower rate.

Here you can see my favorite beach beauty products for Summer 2014:

1. Nuxe Sun SPF 30 ( for face ) has a lamellar texture that allows uniform application and resists to water. This Alcohol & Paraben-free everyday moisturizer has quickly became my summer favorite.

2.Lierac Sunific SPF30 offers everything I wish for. It is formulated to safely activate tanning, firm and generously moisturize the skin with the best in anti-aging protection!

3.Phyto Plage L’Originale Beach Spray prevent hair from drying out in the sun. The lightweight formula also leaves tresses looking glossy-and smelling heavenly,all day long!

4.Lancaster Fast Ten Optimizer is a light, velvety, shimmering cream with ultimate sun care which gives fast & lasting-golden deep tan! Perfect for happy hours on the beach!

5.Lierac Sunific After-sun Balm repairs and moisturizes the skin while soothing redness and sensations of irritation.

Enjoy the sun safely!





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