Love of Two

If I’m going to talk about LOVE on Valentine’s Day, it has to be a certain form of love – the love of two. Every form of love requires someone or something other than yourself, an object of affection. Even trying to love yourself completely, including both your good and oh-not-so-good sides,  is all about one part of you loving the other. Also, how about loving a significant other which makes the world an infinitely better place, a place worth living?

I have always believed in power of two. I think it starts with mom whose love is the foundation for feeling secure and confident about life. There is also a sibling or a friend who might challenge us to fight for what we believe in and encourage us to stand against the world if need be, and become part of our extended family we build in this world with friends we love and cherish.  It can also be a childhood pet which is a living proof that love does not require common background, language or understanding. With time, it teaches us what kind of a person we want to be, how much we can sacrifice for one another, and how deeply we can love without expecting anything in return. Then in good time, it might be a child, whose love shows us how willingly we would give up everything in a blink and how strongly we can hold on to life at the same time.

The list may differ from one person to another but there is always someone who brings love to life. I don’t know how to thank each and every person who walked beside me through thick and thin, helped me make it to today and made me believe in the power of two.

I feel blessed that I’ve found the half of the power I need early in my life and can’t stop smiling about it. Loving someone so much, to the extent that you can’t express with just words, is beautiful.

These were my thoughts when I saw the new slimmer Cartier Love Bracelets which are meant to be worn together, forever. They remind me how we share life, face disasters, create memories and enrich each other with people who touch our lives. I hope that  you feel the same today for someone or something, or even a part of yourself, and believe in the power of two.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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